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Our Focus

Provide Trust through Service, Transparency, and Automation

NorthPoint simplifies supply chains with expertise and technology

Automate your Supply Chain

Our Purpose

Innovate Supply Chain Management

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NorthPoint Family of Companies

We go above and beyond supply chain management with our sibling companies

As a member of the NorthPoint Development family, our logistics team works along side one of the largest industrial developers in the country. Our affiliation with our sibling companies allow expertise in logistics practices far exceeding traditional air, truck, and rail, including partnerships with firms like GM, Amazon, and Walmart.

Our Stories


“NorthPoint Logistics integrates with PolySource’s ERP for real-time, nation-wide supply chain visibility. Inventory is available in 15 regions by SKU, Lot, and Weight, taking the guess-work out of order fulfillment and product availability in every global market. The firm benefits from PO management, ocean tracking, customs entry, and inventory automation across all global warehouses.”

15 Automated Warehouses
78 SKUs Visible Nation-Wide
1,112 Pallets Available

Clore Automotive

“NorthPoint provides Clore near-real-time visibility into ocean and rail tracking, allowing our team to manage order lead time more effectively. Their platform notifies our team of critical milestones along the shipping process which allow us to provide updates to our clients very quickly.”

402 Commodities Shipped
2 International Lanes
1 Reporting Dashboard